CPD Portal Edcast - Challenging Thinking Podcast 

We're really excited at CPD Portal to be working with Jim Rogers on a series of 'Edcasts'. Jim interviews the people whose ideas are challenging the future of education. Each one links to an educational theme and each guest has something valuable to offer. They are no more than 60 mins. If you listen to them all you'll notice they resonate with each other and key themes emerge.





About Jim

My name is Dr Jim Rogers. I have worked in various roles in education for 26 years. This includes secondary teaching and leadership as well as academia, and more recently regional school improvement with the Teaching School Council. I am an advocate of research to inform practice and strongly believe in collaboration. I specialise in the design and delivery of sustainable professional learning models for a range of professionals from teachers to soldiers to leaders. In this series of the Ed Cast  I speak to  individuals offering their perspective on a wide range of topics from leadership to learning, wellbeing and the power of the mind. I hope they will be both relevant and challenging to anyone involved in the education of others, adults or children, at any stage of your career. Enjoy the podcasts and do subscribe!

You can find out more about Jim here :  @jimrogers72 on twitter and www.jimrogerstraining.co.uk