Python Programming: Working with Data

In this course you’ll learn about data types, and how data structures are manipulated in Python programs.

Event Date 02-11-2020 3:30 pm
Event End Date 11-11-2020 5:00 pm

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EdTech: Getting Children to Compose in Music in a Blended Environment

Ed-Tech Demonstrator Program. Getting Children to Compose in Music in a Blended Environment.

Event Date 03-11-2020 4:15 pm
EdTech Workshop: Setting Up Your Class Team And Starting To Teach

Ed-Tech Demonstrator Programme: A 45 minute, interactive session designed to demonstrate how to setup and run your own class team, as well as best practices for teachers, schools and trusts in organising their teams. We will cover, Teams, OneNote Class Notebook and assignments as the key to managing a virtual offer that also works well in class and at home in blended situations.

Event Date 03-11-2020 4:15 pm
English Hub: Mobilising the bottom 20% and delivering virtual phonics

Identifying children falling behind and ensuring catch up and coaching is a high priority within any phonics programme. This session will tackle how to ensure quality first teaching, as well as how to follow up on those who do not make progress, with the intention of mobilising learners in the bottom 20% to achieve.

Event Date 05-11-2020 2:30 pm
Accessible Tech Thursdays: Visual Learning

Accessible EdTech Thursdays: Visual Learning

Mind-mapping, social stories, essay planning, symbols and timetables. We will discuss the merits of each, provide you with solutions (PC and mobile) and give you some new tools to deliver your sessions more inclusively.

Event Date 05-11-2020 4:15 pm
Event End Date 05-11-2020 5:15 pm